Importance dating courtship marriage starting family

Without fathers in their lives, these young men are getting their cues from the street and making poor choices.

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Listen to the series Emotionally and physically depleted author Susan Yates whispered "Help me, Lord," and was surprised by the words God spoke to her heart.

Her solution, she realized, was to get to know how big God was.

Yates talks about making a conscious choice to trust God each moment of the day. Listen to the series Brad Hewitt, CEO of Thrivent Financial, challenges listeners to adopt a new money mindset in which God owns it all, and we are merely stewards of His money.

Hewitt delves into the concept of stewardship, and reminds us to ask ourselves when we're making financial decisions, "Who am I serving? Listen to the series Barbara Rainey reminds us of Jesus' commandment to remember His death, not just His birth.

Voskamp also talks about the thrill of "giving it forward." Wh...

Listen to the series Sometimes the way to peace is through conflict.Majors tells how God surprised her with her husband, Benji, and reveals what God has shown her while walking through pain and hardship....Listen to the series As a child, Amy Peterson read tales of brave missionaries and longed to serve God in an extraordinary way, too.The Menns talk of their incredible journey over the years since participating in the foster care system....Listen to the series Pastor and bestselling author Dr.Peterson tells how she tried to satisfy her sense of wanderlust by serving as a teacher in Southeast Asia.

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