Intimidating fonts

To change the font used, just click the Change font button and the screen below will appear.

Here we can select which font to use, the style, size, shadows, and text effects.

In this configuration window you have a drop-down menu to select from the skin defined system colors, and the skin color presets.

In similar fashion as changing the fonts, selecting each of the color boxes will then show a description of where that color is used.

Once you have the font set to your liking, click the OK button.

You can see a preview of the font you have selected in the preview window in the upper right hand side of the window.

The fonts in a visual style are just as important as any other graphical image you create. Well you don't have to as Skin Studio allows you to easily change the fonts in your skin.

You have gone through the process of creating all these graphics, so why stop when it comes to the fonts?

Not only do you need to make sure that you like the font chosen to make your logo and that its message resonates with your brand, you’ll also need to know that the font you have chosen can work well with other fonts and for a variety of uses.

It is no doubt that each font has its own personality, but taking the time to rake through the personality profiles of all created fonts is a daunting and impossible task.

Instead, take the time to consider the function of the font, how you will use it, and whether it will be the most relevant for use in all occasions.

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