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Subsequent issues allowed him to experiment with different graphic styles and the comic became more sophisticated in design and production, later incorporating colour and proper printing.

By issue 7 in 1994 sales had reached 6,000 but Tomine had grown weary of the administrative side and Drawn & Quarterly took over as publisher, marking the end of as a mini-comic.

Arthur bleeds copiously, punished severely for a minor transgression (being late and missing church).

The account highlights the divide between eroticism and unpleasant sadism based on asymmetric power relations.

A sample – ‘The enraged and jealous wife’ – is included, though the chances are both parties would collapse in fits of laughter before reaching the end if attempting such ridiculous role play.

A number of suggestions for fruity anecdotes to be told over dinner are included.

The technique though is secondary to the subject matter, and it is easy to see how this would have appealed to a certain emo school student demographic.

A major theme is the difficulties of communication, the attempt to put words to feelings we can hardly grasp ourselves.

‘Reginald’s Flogging’ is also by Etonensis, and though not as prolonged as Arthur’s ordeal it seems to be as bloodthirsty.

Sadly for Reggie, even his father thinks flogging a good idea and tells his offspring that had he been administering the punishment rather than the schoolteacher, he would have laid on two strokes for each one actually received.

The book takes the form of poems, short pieces of prose and a one-act (in more senses than one) play by various hands.

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