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Theatrical devices include sequences where the dancers recite dating website profiles before taking to a tight-rope.

Originally devised for nine dancers, this number can reach twelve when their professional commitments to Riverdance and other commercial shows permit, but there’s no Lord of the Dance here; the troupe works as a corps and pays respect to the strengths and personality of each individual body.

"I was already in the matchmaking business and from talking to people it was clear that people find it hard to meet others who are outside of their social circle.

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Rhythms in bassier thuds and slaps produced by bare feet weave, an instrument in their own right, through composer Paddy Mulcahy’s original score.

This is not a meat market where we just show you profiles of a bunch of Northern Ireland singles.

Taking the plunge to setup on her own, running the company full-time, was a risk but one that seems to be paying off.

"I left a successful job working full time in event management and it is all self-funded as there aren't many grants in this area.

Now 48, last year de Gallaí danced his putative swansong in Linger, a duet that took on the rare challenge of exploring gay male identity within Irish dance.

“But there was something else coming out of that work that I needed to resolve,” he says, “and it was a sense of constructed identity, or wearing an identity to suit other people, rather than who you actually are.” The resulting show, Aon, is a fusion of Irish dance with contemporary dance, combining many of the breath-taking elements of Irish dance with a deeper and at times more challenging approach.

College students are also catered for at a student-friendly rate.

If you dine with someone you would like to see again but are too shy to say so on the night Mairead will help connect you in the follow up to the date night.

Last January I decided to try everything and I realised quickly that for most things I needed a 'wing-woman'," she told

"So I started thinking OK what is a civilised [way to meet people], that takes a bit of the pressure off?

What makes us different is our key dimensions of personality that will match you based on your beliefs and values as well as what matters most to you in your significant other.

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