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Ivankov's reign, too, ended in June 1995 when a .5 million extortion attempt on two Russian businessmen, Alexander Volkov and Vladimir Voloshin, ended in an FBI arrest that resulted in a ten-year maximum security prison sentence.Before his arrest and besides his operations in America, Ivankov regularly flew around Europe and Asia to maintain ties with his fellow mobsters (like members of the Solntsevskaya Bratva), as well as reinforce ties with others.

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Now, for the first time, former Mobsters speak out about the rules that govern their criminal world; and reveal what happened when gangland began to question the so-called .

The document makes clear that people with police or informers in their family cannot become members of the Mob.

And although mobsters' wives must be respected, they should not expect much support during childbirth: the rules state that "always being available for Cosa Nostra is a duty - even if your wife's about to give birth".

The Decalogue was discovered along with a large number of other coded documents in a house near Palermo where Mr Lo Piccolo was apprehended after spending more than two decades on the run from police.

Those who refused to fight in the war referred to the traitors as suka ("bitch"), and the traitors landed at the bottom of the "hierarchy".

Outcast, the suki separated from the others and formed their own groups and power bases by collaborating with prison officials, eventually gaining the luxury of comfortable positions.

Investigators say that the documents - including the Ten Commandments - will give them an insight into how the Mafia operates.

The papers also reveal details of companies with Mafia connections and information about the hierarchy within the organization.

Active in many parts of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union throughout Russia (mostly Moscow), United States (mostly Brighton Beach), Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, Australia (Gold Coast & Sydney), Hungary and more.

American, Armenian, Chinese, Corsican, Italian ('Ndrangheta and Camorra), Serbian mafia, Bulgarian mafia, Albanian mafia, Macedonian mafia, Romanian mafia, Turkish mafia, Drug cartels and Israeli mafia: "brotherhood"), is a collective of various organized crime elements originating in the former Soviet Union.

Within a year, he built an international operation that included, but was not limited to, narcotics, money laundering, and prostitution and made ties with the American Mafia and Colombian drug cartels, eventually extending to Miami, Los Angeles, and Boston. Prior to Ivankov's arrival, Balagula's downfall left a void for America's next vory v zakone.

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