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Jimmy tries to use his nonexistent political clout to do a favor for Jen."Niggaz", an urban fashion chain store owned by African-Americans, opens a franchise in the neighborhood. Big Tricky (Page Kennedy) wants his cousin Romadal to be the spokesman for his new hip-hop CD, but he needs Calvin's approval first.

But when the owner of the new store turns out to be Korean-American, some residents are outraged by the use of the N-word . Calvin and Jen have dinner with David and Dana Kang (Kipp Shiotani, Lauren Tom), who are constantly cursing at each other in public.

and Robert Teitel, along with original Barbershop star Ice Cube.

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Calvin neglects the barbershop while spending time with his "other" family (Tanya Roberts, Christopher "Kid" Reid, Kendra Smith).

Malcolm drops the lawsuit after Romadal attacks him.

Additionally, Dinka was naive and slightly overweight, while Yinka is well-educated and muscular.

Ricky, the reformed criminal, is replaced by a more hardened ex-con, Jen's distant relative Romadal Dupree.

Terri finds marijuana in Romadal's locker, after which Issac, Yinka and Eddie join her in smoking it while on the job. The barbershop staff (along with Jen and Jimmy) attends one of Bill Cosby's lectures on personal responsibility in the African-American community.

The Kang siblings try to hide their flings with Terri and Isaac from their mother Dana. Terri and Yinka continue to smoke marijuana at the barbershop, which drastically affects their work performance.Isaac, who only dates women of color, decides to try dating White women.Eddie is in turmoil after learning the truth about Claire. including a White wife and adult biracial children.Barbershop: The Series is an American sitcom which made its debut on the Showtime cable network in August 2005.It is based upon the Marc Brown-created characters from the popular films Barbershop (2002) and Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004), and was developed for television by screenwriter John Ridley.It starred Omar Gooding as Calvin Palmer, Jr., the proprietor of an African-American barbershop on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois.

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