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It will be released exclusively by Uol and Wikimetal besides the event on Saturday, 21st of September at the Music Hall of the Expo Music where the band will be introduced, will answer questions of the public and finally introduce the video clip to those present. Besides presenting firsthand the new Mapex Saturn IV drum kit, Aquiles also made the launch of his signature snare, the Psych Octopus Black Panther Snare and the Paiste 2002 Psych Otopus Giga Bell Ride 18″. AGO.2013 - Aquiles Priester and Nando Mello perform workshop in Horizontia in RS Click here to read! AGO.2013 - Aquiles Priester at the cover of Mapex News online magazine! v=R_f UY7BAt8w Video taken from the up coming DVD – Aquiles Priester’s 100 TOP DRUM FILLS Produced by Aquiles Priester Co-Produced by Marcello Pompeu and Heros Trench Video Direction and Editing by Daniel Piquê Drums Recorded at Mr. Click to enlarge It is finally released worldwide Aquiles Priester signature snare.The album, as yet untitled, will be released in January, 2014. The drum clinic tour went through the following cities: July 19 – Guangzhou – China July 20 – Nanchang – China July 21 – Chengdu – China July 23 – Shenyang – China August 2 – Taipei – Taiwan Link to Facebook! Som Studio in Sao Paulo/SP – Brazil Band: Midas Fate Song: Stillborn Reason Music: Vitor Campos Album: Magnificent Rebel – 2013 Musicians: Aquiles Priester – Drums Vitor Campos – Guitars Renato Videira – Bass Mike Di Meo – Vocals PRE-SALE: WWW. With that done, Aquiles Priester is the first Brazilian drummer to have a signature snare with an international company like Mapex.Also on the 21st, the band will be at the Music Hall of Music Expo to introduce their training, answer questions from the audience and introduce the new clip. Direction and pictures by Fabiano Broki and Andreia de Marchi. The song will be with voice in the album version to be released by the end of the year. Aquiles is recording the album Magnificent Rebel which after so many delays will be released at the end of the year.

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The band will release their first video on the 21st. “Connection” is a composition by Frank Solari in partnership with Izmália Ibias and Lucky Cassol (lyrics). Aquiles Priester (Hangar, Freakeys, Vinnie Moore, Tony Macalpine) is the new drummer You can check out the video of the new Midas Fate song called Stillborn Reason.

The video was recorded in New York and has a special producer’s own band, Russell Allen (Symphony X / Adrenaline Mob). “This music broadens the horizons of my work with an important direct message about the connection between people in our times.” This song was recorded by Frank Solari (guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards and percussion), Aquiles Priester (drums) and Izmália Ibias (vocals). UY7BAt8w Music video taken from the up coming DVD – Aquiles Priester’s 100 TOP DRUM FILLS.

The thing is to wait and enjoy the documentaries about the band that will be available here on Wikimetal and Uol. To promote the snare and also the new Mapex Saturn IV model , Aquiles goes to Japan and to China in July 2013.

See details of the snare signed by the drummer: Model: BPML4700 CAO 14×7 All Maple Hoop: Sonic Saver Hoop 10 tensions Lug: Orion Lug Strainer: Piston Drive To check the dates of the workshops, click here:

MAI.2013 – Aquiles Priester at C&G magazine Click to enlarge 10.

MAI.2013 – Vinnie Moore Band tour with Aquiles Priester Check all the dates below: 10. Pic by Renan Facciolo Pergunta: Fale um pouco sobre a sua caixa signature Aquiles Priester Psych Octopus Black Panther da Mapex. Ter uma caixa signature com uma empresa de ponta com a Mapex, significa um grande passo na carreira de qualquer músico do mundo… DEZ.2013 - Christmas Message from Aquiles Priester!This time of year, it seems that everything is more peaceful, everything we went through over a year, it is possible to remember and look back to analyze all our steps.v=Jt Kkl DJe Jc A Band with members of Shaman and Aquiles Priester.The Noturnall today released the third and final part of the documentary about the formation.On day 21 the band will be at the Music Hall of Music Expo to introduce its formation and answer questions from the audience. Priester came to Zhuhai on his first leg of the 2013 MAPEX International Spokesperson Tour in China. Aquiles Priester hold a series of workshops in China and Taiwan for the launch of the signature Psych Octopus Black Panther Snare and also to publicize the new drum series of Saturn IV. JUN.2013 - PRIVATE CLASSES AND MASTER CLASS with Aquiles Priester in São Paulo! Prior to these dates, the drummer will be in China to also promote these releases. See the schedule of Japan below: July 27 (Sat): Music Clinic for Ishibashi (Nagoya) July 28 (Sun): Drum Clinic for Ikebe station Akihabara (Tokyo) July 29 (Mon): Watanabe Clinic for Digital & Drum (Kyoto) July 30 (Tue) Clinic for Sonix (Shizuoka) More information: JUN.2013 – Aquiles Priester’s drum clinic at Sonix Store in Shizuoka, Japan. JUN.2013 – Aquiles Priester joins Mike Di Meo’s band: Midas Fate.

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