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” Her marriage is back on track now and the couple have moved to Venice Beach, California, where much of her album was recorded.

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The Southern Gothic folk duo put out two celebrated albums before their frosty breakup.

White was unfailingly diplomatic at the time but now looks only to the future.

I kept it to myself for two years and you can hear these tiny infant coos on the recording.” She begins to well up and I ask if she wants a break. I’ll blame it on the jetlag, or my total maternal love, but he was such a rare light in the midst of a season that was just so dark and so hard.”“Sweet Love of Mine” has an R&B beat overlaid with a lullaby song.

The lyrics seem to hark back to Williams’ beginnings making modern Christian music for the Reunion label.

“The moxy was just to be very honest, starting with myself.”In the time between the band’s split and making her album, she became a mother, her relationship with husband Nate Yetton was on the rocks and her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died. It focuses on hope.“I wanted it to be a healing process and to write in a way that I found the glimmers and flickers of hope and fight, and letting go, and accepting and forgiving, and finding that there actually is another side once you move through the darkness, sometimes even more vivid and colourful than any place you were before.” She finally takes a breath and smiles ruefully, then mutters: “Hard fought, hard fought.”After the band dissolved, Williams got in touch with Justin Timberlake to get some advice on how to become a successful solo artist, and he in turn put her in touch with producer Matt Morris, who’s worked with Timberlake and other solo artists including Cher, Christina Aguilera and Mary J Blige.

They met at a friend’s house in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles and it was “like a first date”.“That intensity – I don’t think was sustainable.” When she’s talking about the break-up she mutters under her breath “only speak for me”, a mantra reminding herself not to complain about her former partner.“I made attempts to reach out but the last time we spoke properly was at the Roundhouse.On her old album covers she looks like a different person – a soft round face, light blonde hair, ridiculously wholesome.She’s 32 now, strikingly beautiful and thin, with a Hollywood smile and huge brown eyes. “When the band imploded it wasn’t just a business implosion, it was a massive life disruption in every way and our marriage was almost a casualty of that.“I am 100,000 percent focused on this project, my family, the record label, and the studio. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this at all anymore so it’s interesting that it has become so rich.” From his Jeff Buckley-style runs at the end of “Hope I Die” to the gritty yelps on the barnstorming “Fight for You,” he sounds unleashed. The schedules wouldn’t line up, so I hired a fiddle player from Lafayette and a guitar player from Tuscaloosa.

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