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You use an instance of this stream like any of the other input streams described in Basic I/O.You can get the stream's progress monitor with a call to After you see a progress bar and a progress monitor in action, Deciding Whether to Use a Progress Bar or a Progress Monitor can help you figure out which is appropriate for your application.

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A progress monitor cannot be used again, so a new one must be created each time a new task is started.

This program creates a progress monitor each time the user starts a new task with the Start button.

A small caveat is that the ‘start’ button is disabled during execution, and enabled when the task is completed.

This is because when we fire the task on another thread, the EDT is not blocked and you could press the button again rather than waiting.

the method it calls is: When this runs, two things seem to go wrong - first, none of the Runnables call Update UI() until the parsing thread is complete.

Secondly, the entire My Dialog window doesn't draw itself, at all. Thank you both for the help - turns out you were both right. These concepts can still be applied to Java FX type applications, although the environment’s obviously different and will involve some important changes – for example, you’d use package org.javachannel; import javafx.application. So I have two objects at play, here - one is a class that extends Thread (My Thread) and is doing some parsing work.As soon as the progress bar can display more meaningful information, you should switch it back into its default, determinate mode.In the Java look and feel, indeterminate progress bars look like this: A visible component to graphically display how much of a total task has completed.Another way of indicating work is to set the wait cursor, using the Sometimes you can't immediately determine the length of a long-running task, or the task might stay stuck at the same state of completion for a long time.

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