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To find the answers, I consulted experts on the psychology of superstition and the Ouija board.

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Hundreds of teens have uploaded videos - from the UK to the United States, Sweden and Singapore - in which they ask, 'Charlie, Charlie, are you there?

' and then flee in terror when the pencil appears to move by itself.

It's very dangerous for a young child to play with contacting the paranormal and diabolical,' Doctor Kelven Guerrero, who works at the Hato Mayor del Rey Hospital, told Mail Online.

In the video report by Telenoticias, one student at the school complained of being unable to sleep following his experience with the game, complaining that he could feel 'the Devil's hand brushing across his face before he slept'.

It was an essential part of The Quanzhen School* until it was outlawed by the Qing Dynasty.

The spiritual movement in Victorian times is mainly to thank for the presence of automatic writing in our culture today.This incantation is sweeping the nation: teens everywhere are stacking pencils, calling to a demon named Charlie, and entrusting their fates to the predictive powers of leftover loose-leaf paper and graphite.But where did this trend come from, and what does it say about superstition?" A typical reaction looks like this: Charlie Charlie prompts a bigger question: in an age of smartphones and easily accessible information, why do teens still fall for obviously fake stuff like Charlie Charlie?While the proliferation of the meme online is a new phenomenon, believing in the superstition is timeless.Thought to have originated in Spain, the Juego de la Lapicera or 'Pen Game' has been a playground staple for many years, and is especially popular at sleepover parties according to Maria Hernandez of Andalucia in southern Spain.'There's a deep-seated belief in the supernatural here, and the mind can play terrifying tricks on the body,' said Dr Luis Guillermo Hernandez, the director at Antonio Mursa Regional Hospital in southern Hato Mayor Province.

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