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But I think it’s because our system of courtship is broken, or at least badly beaten and lying in a ditch somewhere.

Where are you supposed to meet someone in your 30s if work is a bust and you’re not much of a churchgoer and your friends are married and raising kids? And they are definitely substitutes — manufacturing connections instead of letting them develop naturally.

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“Hey” means she wants you to help her with something; “heyyy” is borderline sexual.

We use Tinder to sort through available men and women in our area.

We’re on display like prostitutes in a brothel window. We have pregames, or smaller parties before the actual party.

And if there’s a pregame with people we don’t know, we drink before that, too.

Ugh.) We know that their horror stories often hit the same notes: the dates who “forget” their wallets, or show up looking nothing like their photo, talk obsessively about their ex, or down a bottle of wine and vomit in the taxi. Date Labbers rarely can describe just what sparks the spark — if we had a dollar for everyone who said, “I can’t quite put my finger on it …

Whether the romantic high point was a helicopter tour of Paris or a day-long hike followed by a picnic, the best dates come down to this: There is always, always a spark.A date, on the other hand, might require trips to the restroom to sip from a flask.Many college students aren’t 21 and can’t order drinks to smooth first-date jitters.It’s the digital version of a bar, and it’s no surprise that it doesn’t really seem to work if what you’re looking for is something more than, well, picking up a guy in a bar. After an online conversation to make sure the guy was gainfully employed and didn’t seem like a serial killer, I’d agree to meet for drinks — never for dinner, to avoid being stuck for more than an hour with a bad match.I sometimes did this two or three times a week, trudging to yet another happy hour spot with fingers crossed.They’re government workers, lawyers, teachers, doctors, bakers, bouncers, bicycle couriers. They are looking for love or a fun time or a soul mate. Are daters today less serious about finding a match?

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