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The victim of "Team-B" is always "an innocent bystander" (what we would have called "a civilian"). Regards, El Wananchi Ralphus asked: So what happens in Escape From LA?

Do we get to see anything more than the tit groping shown in your cap? I guess the uncut version of the scene shows her naked breasts pulled out but can't find it anywhere...

Most TV GIMPage is pretty lame, but this scene, and also the recent Yvonne Stahovski scene on "24", were the exceptions to the rule.

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We all know of legendary titles which have vanished, but what about those from which only a tantalizing promo shot remains?

No title; no identifiable talent; no way to track it down – but clearly some implied GIMP action.

In my opinion, the individual tormenting the GIMP in any of these situations is going to be bad (as in evil).

Even though perps in both camps may rationalize their behavior as being acceptable, necessary or even virtuous, I don't think Saint Peter would be impressed.

She must have been naked or nearly so at some point, so right – “let's take a quick break here and let our captive Miss Mexico get dressed before we knock the stuffing out of her”.

And as Joanna has already mentioned, what sort of idiot interrogator would attach electrodes to the victim's wrists? You would be very hard pressed to qualify the guy performing the act as "good" (someone came earlier with the "lawful/chaotic" distinction, typical of D&D role playing!

I first saw this shot in a magazine decades ago, and just recently came across it in another forum.

At a guess, it looks like it's from a mid 1970's softcore production.

Maybe if the victim deserved it, but still, I don't think that's what the poll was about.

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