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Yet as KSM takes his seat, it feels for a moment as if we’re the only two people in the room. For the families of those who died on 9/11, the day marks the start of what’s likely to be a years-long trial for justice against KSM, the self-described architect of the World Trade Center attacks. KSM is the man who bragged about taking a knife to the throat of my Twelve years ago, on January 23, 2002, Danny left my home in Karachi, Pakistan, for an interview and never came back.

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Karachi date point sex pics

After I told him I hadn’t gone to my high-school prom because my conservative parents forbade me to dance with a boy, Danny said, “We’ll fix that.” He helped me throw my first party ever, which we called “A Mid-Summer Night’s Prom.” I was 28 and wore a purple velvet bridesmaid dress.

On Mondays, we took salsa lessons at Planet Fred, a dive bar. .” Stabbing pains in my stomach woke me the next night. Mariane and a friend sped me to her ob-gyn’s hospital, the Maternité des Lilas, where I recounted the trauma of the last few months and asked if my child would be all right. She said I looked like “a pregnant zombie” and pressed me to go home.

We are at Guantánamo, where a US military commission is about to arraign him and four other men for the September 11 attacks, in a courtroom that feels like a movie set.

Erected atop an abandoned airfield on the base, it’s as big as a warehouse and has small trailers outside set up as holding areas, one for each defendant.

Not in our worst nightmares could we have imagined what happened after that.

On February 21, 2002, a courier for Danny’s captors met an FBI agent at the Karachi Sheraton and handed over a three-minute propaganda video glorifying his ghastly end.

I’d just emerged from a disastrous three-month marriage to a Pakistani Muslim.

My therapist’s advice: “Have fun.” Danny and I and our then-colleague Jill Abramson, now executive editor of the decorated our cubicles in the Blake Building on Connecticut Avenue with Mc Donald’s Happy Meal toys and hung out with friends at the Big Hunt bar, where he converted me from Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers to wheat beer.

He’s hunched over, his beard dyed red, a symbol of piety to conservative Muslims, and I can’t take my eyes off him.

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