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As such, A STORY OF CHILDREN AND FILM is an eye opener, a landmark film and a celebration of both childhood and the movies. Many children in films are, of course, projections of adult concerns but, in some of the best films about kids, and the ones where children have a degree of agency, we can see glimpses of almost natural behaviour, or of ad-libbing for the camera which is playful, fine-grained, fresh.I love such moments in a movie when the director cuts the kid a bit of slack to be themselves, show off, have fun, get upset.

(2012), HERE BE DRAGONS (2013) and A STORY OF CHILDREN AND FILM (2013) which all screened at over 100 Film Festivals around the world.

Further Timo is going to direct his first feature drama SMOKE in the summer of 2013.

The first piece I ever directed for BBC Scotland TV was about kids.

I co-founded the charity Scottish Kids are Making Movies to try to help kids from unprivileged backgrounds to discover the fun and creativity of film.

A Story of Children and Film takes these interests and marries them with some of the approaches we used in the 15 ½ hour film The Story of Film: An Odyssey: Lots of film clips, a commentary by me, a boldly international range of films, and many by the great women directors. Unlike TSOF: AO, however, ASOCAF isn't a chronological history and certainly doesn't try to cover all the areas of children in film. It's more a portrait of childhood as seen through the movies.

The movie clips are like the palette of colours we use to paint the picture.He then went to Edinburgh College of Art where he received a Master of Design in Visual Communication (Mdes) and later on graduated from the Edinburgh Skill and Media Academy as a Master of Fine Art in Advance Film Practice (MFA).Those educational years resulted in a number of projects which recently or not so recently have been recognised internationally.Further he was selected to the talent pool Trailblazer in 2007 by the Edinburgh Int.Film Festival recognising new emerging talent and won the Channel 4, 4Talent award for Best Directing in 2008.The order in which my niece and nephew showed their emotions is the order in which we see them in the film. My answer is that it is for anyone of about ten or over who likes films.

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