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Two sons were born who are, Shaheed Bhai Amrik Singh Jee and Bhai Manjeet Singh Jee.

With the permission of Khalsa Jee and to fulfil his father’s desire, Baba Kartar Singh Jee became a Patvari (village level revenue official who keeps records of land holdings, crop surveys and calculates land revenue) for a while, but in 1957 AD he resigned from his job and started living in the Jatha on a permanent basis.

Baba Kartar Singh Jee was first educated at the Government Middle School Khemharan, 9th & 10th grade were studied at National High School – Bhikhivind, after which further studies were made at Khalsa College Amritsar.

He would always be thinking about why Sikhs were straying away from Sikhi thinking - Have Sikhs forgot the Gurus actions that were for the benefit of us?

He would discuss with learned Gursikhs – what strategy should be undertaken to ensure that the message of Sikhi can reach each and every household.

The ministers should remove their shoes and stand with both hands folded and clear the road for the procession to pass.

He was asked to lay the foundation of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur charitable hospital in Ludhiana.

For some time he did the seva of being a Garveye (similar to personal assistant) to Khalsa Jee.

Daily he would recite the 5 morning prayers, Jaitsri Di Var, Satte Balvade di Vaar, 25 Ang of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee and in the evening he would recite the Panj Granthi, both Bareh Maha and many Japjee Sahib’s in Khalsa Jee’s presence.He used to recite a lot of Gurbani, over and above the compulsory Nitnem for Sikhs.His Anand Karaj was performed in 1950 at the age of 18 years.His parents were Mata Labh Kaur & Jathedar Chanda Singh Jee of Village Purane Poore, Tehsil Kasoor in the District of Amritsar.His father, Jathedar Chanda Singh was a great Gursikh of high morals and good discipline.He would perform their duties till 12am/1am, and would wake up at 4am – this was his daily timetable.

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