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Then he pulled out the ring.'I cried so hard that he didn't get around to actually asking, "Will you marry me?

David and Hayley first met in 2011, having reportedly met around Cardiff Bay while he was filming Britain's Got Talent.

The couple announced their engagement last May via Hello!

Anyway,' he adds with some finality, 'that's way in the past.'What is clear from the film is that not only can The Hoff laugh at himself, but that he isn't afraid of alluding to the more troubling periods of his past.

In Killing Hasselhoff his manager, played by Jon Lovitz, at one point asks: 'Are you drinking again? Carry on doing this to your body and you will die', adding that it was his 'girls' honesty that saved me'.

He conceded: 'I've asked her to marry me before but those times were for fun.

This time, it was special and from my heart.'In fact, the upshot of those 'fun' proposals were that, according to Hayley, when the latest one came along: 'I thought he was just joking around at first.'She recalled: 'He's asked me before, but it was never for real.

Baywatch legend David made do with basic black, complementing a tight T-shirt with a pair of form-fitted jeans.

The former Dancing With The Stars contestant recently filed court papers seeking to end his ,000 per month alimony support to Bach, according to an article by TMZ.

At 65, he looks in fine fettle, and says after cameos in two of the year's big hit movies – Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 and the Baywatch remake – 'this year has seen a resurgence of David Hasselhoff as an actor'.

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