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Showing up with hair and lips coloured bright red, Mi-kyung insisted she had never sold sex despite living on the streets for years.Her claim, says the centre's head counselor Cheon Bo-gyeong, may be false since underage runaways are extremely reluctant to talk about sex work."One customer even slipped his wallet into a teenage prostitute's bag after having sex with her at a motel.

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Yu-ja came to the interview with Mi-kyung, a 15-year-old runaway from the southern port city of Busan whom she also resides with.

Mi-kyung says the reason she first fled home was that, like Yu-ja, she wanted to avoid schoolwork and be with friends.

We have removed those statistics as we believe they are not reliable.

After reviewing all the data, we also believe the article overstated the role played by educational pressure on teen runaways.

That brings the total number of North Koreans who have defected by taking dangerous routes either directly across the border or by sea to 15 so far this year, including two other soldiers.

That is three times the number last year, according to South Korean officials.Technology has also made it easier for buyers of sex and teens who sell it, including a proliferation of sex-trade apps downloaded on to smart phones, the group’s counsellor Shim A-ra says.At least a dozen prostitution websites operate online, she adds."No one ever told me it was wrong to prostitute myself, including my schoolteachers,” Yu-ja says. Girls should be taught that from an early age in class here in South Korea, but they aren't."Yu-ja says the last time she ran away she was 17 and had been kidnapped by her father to his residence from her mother's home.Such "families" often sleep together in hotel rooms where they've sold sex beforehand.Or they're made up of underage prostitutes who seek shelter in rooms owned by individuals who, in return, expect them to do anything from chores to selling sex.For people who grew up around the base, it was where they learned about American music, culture and food.

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