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Employers appreciate graduates’ university-level practical and theoretical understanding of their subject of study.

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Those who have graduated from an online undergraduate degree program are more likely to be considered for career opportunities than those with only a secondary school education.

Graduates from undergraduate degree programs are also often paid a higher starting salary than those without a degree.

Offering the same benefits as an on-campus Bachelor of Science, an online BSc program also allows students to continue working while studying.

Due to rapid and ongoing advances in e-learning technology, online Bachelor of Science degree programs are becoming more popular than ever before.

Online bachelor students can still work closely with professors to obtain the best education possible.

Online Bachelor of Science (BSc) programs are ideal for prospective students whose schedule or geographic location make it difficult to study on campus.

Within these areas there are online undergraduate programs in a variety of subjects, such as Photography, Nursing Studies, Finance, Renewable Energy Management, Computer Science, Philosophy, Sociology, Law and Mathematics.

Depending on the program, an online undergraduate education could take three to four years, or longer when studying part time.

Online undergraduate study can also provide an excellent networking opportunity with peers and professors from all around the world.

Taking an online Bachelor’s degree develops highly valuable skills that serve graduates, on both a personal and professional level, for a lifetime.

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