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I detest overly feminine-looking characters, unless the plot demands it.Lastly, I adore those deep, hidden emotions, the shame and heartbreak, unrequited love followed by an unexpected reward, luck that doesn't quite seem deserved, domestic bliss.

I'm offended by the exploitative nature of the medium. That way a medium that should be a reprieve becomes a hurtful thing.

Kids reading these manga need to be able to develop their very private, vulnerable sexual identities in peace.

Unlike Tori, Rianne rotated between happy and manic and depressive stages. Tori actually leaves the school at the end of their second year to look for Deandra and no one had the chance to stop him. Rianne’s state becomes extremely unstable and she starts throwing fits more often.

Rianne starts blaming herself for a lot of things and is unable to fully recover either.

Whatever makes you feel safe and happy is what you should look for in a good romance manga, be it yaoi or shounen-ai, josei or shoujo, your generic shounen bullshit or a mature, interesting seinen.

Just make sure you're not wasting your time on tasteless hack writing.a waste of time, have story-telling value and are definitely worth a re-read.

Yaoi was invented to make people feel safe and happy!

Things I look for in Yaoi I don't like easy, instant love.

The raven-haired turned to him with the fiercest glare she could muster but with her tears, it wasn’t convincing. go find a real girl to fall in love with.” “I refused.” Deandra smiled. As I said in my previous post, Mirielle and Lauren and Alina and James are still dating.

She wanted to her out of the flames but Tori grabbed her shoulder. Mirielle, Alina and the others, in the meanwhile, tried their best to patch things up but it was to no avail. After graduation (2 years after Deandra’s death), Alina becomes a teacher at RH and Mirielle becomes Temperance’s (Korin-tachi’s band) un-official manager.

Just so you know, this is also the world Dark Crimson occurs in. When we see Tori in Chapter One he will be with DC’s main character Scythe and Kira asking them help. ” Tori exclaims again making the young girl turn around. Tori put his hand on her shoulder and sunk in unconsciousness.

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