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These include the traces of a wall foundation on the plains near Pérolles. Its most ancient part is conveniently located on a former peninsula of the river Sarine, protected on three sides by steep cliffs.The easily defended city helped the Dukes of Zähringen to strengthen and extend their power in the Swiss plateau in the area between the Aare and La Sarine.) (1245), were signed at this time. Trade and industry began as early as the mid-13th century.An important institution was the public hospital, opened in the mid-13th century, which provided services for the poor.

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In the early period, Fribourg consisted of four distinct inner city districts: Burg, Au, La Neuveville, and Spital.

The city developed rapidly, which led to its first expansion: the Burg district expanded to the west in 1224, a town was established across the river in 1254, and in 1280 development began near Place Python.

In 1339, Fribourg participated alongside the Habsburgs and the County of Burgundy in the Battle of Laupen against Bern and its Swiss Confederacy allies. The leaders of the city began a territorial acquisition, in which they gradually brought more nearby land under their control.

This laid the ground-work for the Canton of Fribourg.

The mid-15th century was shaped by various military conflicts.

First, considerable losses in a war against Savoy had to be made good.Its Old City, one of the best-maintained in Switzerland, sits on a small rocky hill above the valley of the Sarine.The region around Fribourg has been settled since the Neolithic period, although few remains have been found.The Savoyard influence on the city grew, and the Habsburgs ceded it to them in 1452.It remained under the control of Savoy until the Burgundian Wars in 1477.By 1442 the city had control of all the land within about 20 kilometres (12 mi), on both sides of the Saane.

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