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This year is about clearing past loans, not taking new loans and not helping others in need.

Some of you can lose huge amount due to court cases or litigations. Education : If you are a student, struggle continues for atleast 9-10 months as lapse in concentration, lack of rest can effect your mind.

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This can make you read new books, learn new subjects and implement changes in your profession.

However Saturn the lord of your 10th and the lord of your 11th house in the midnight chart will be located in your 8th house.

Some of you will be forced to become part of frauds, corruption done at work place.

You will be offered a bribe or share in corruption, but conscience will not let you be a part of it.

However, helping others financially, will not be liked by family members.

There will be arguments at home for money and property.

You will find pleasure at work and happiness at home .

In general Mesha rasi people are independent in nature, adventurous and love excitement.

This may cause both unexpected gains as well as unexpected sudden losses.

You should also be careful and must take precautions against chronic ailments on the genital region like piles or arthritic pains.

Past september 2017, you will learn new subjects, explore ancient sciences and publish or write your discoveries.

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