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The daughter arrives and initiates a guessing game of "Chinese roulette".Michel and Guenther, working in dead-end jobs, are obsessed with going to Peru to find buried treasure, using a map of the Rio das Mortes.He gets along with his colleagues although his boss wants him to go beyond technical cleanliness... The father, Ben Nicholson, has an attractive young wife, Katherine, and two sons by a ...

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Inside buildings, by seldom moving, the camera reflects the inertia of these aimless people.

For the first third of the film nothing much happens.

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Then there is the sudden entry of a young Greek worker, played by Fassbinder himself, to ignite the latent xenophobic prejudices of the rest of the cast.

They wind each other up by exaggerating all those qualities they feel the Greek might have, including being a rapist and worst of all a communist.An easy to use magazine Blogger Template, You can have your very own website in minutes.Life-style is responsive magazine blogger template that comes with many premium features such as mega-menu, category widgets, User-Friendly layout and much more.This foreigner incites hostility and jealousy among them, and he is insulted as a "Communist" and "Greek dog".After having been attacked, Jorgos talks to Maria of his wish to return home.Make no mistake, the young Fassbinder knew exactly what he was doing when he made this early brilliant piece.

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