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However, the November 10, 2004 edition of The Walton & Johnson Show on KLOL informed listeners that if they wanted to keep listening, they had better learn Spanish.

On November 12, 2004, after a rerun of the Walton & Johnson Show, KLOL segued into the "10 O'Clock Rock Block" as normal.

Then, at a.m., the station changed its format to Hurban (Spanish-language hip hop).

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Shortly thereafter, KLOL would have another rival in 97ROCK (KSRR) and one of the fiercest AOR battles of the 1980s commenced.

KLOL once again won the battle as KSRR flipped to Top 40 as KKHT in 1986 (now KHMX).

KLOL started relying heavily on either Classic Rock product (KLOL would be almost all Classic Rock from 1996–1998) or current product from artists who were not selling high amounts of CDs.

KLOL virtually ignored the exploding grunge rock and new rock bands from 1995 on.

In late 1998, KLOL's Program director announced that KLOL would become decidedly more current.

Many thought Active Rock was finally coming to Houston.

And in the evenings it was "Outlaw Radio", an Active Rock show with "a lot of attitude." KLOL was regularly in the Top 3 in that time frame.

Non-Houston based ownership bought KLOL and the station began to change.

In the mid-1970s the main competition to 101 KLOL was the smaller 96.5 KAUM.

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