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“The practice is so new that some immigration authorities said they were unaware it was happening and did not provide extra scrutiny to ensure these types of marriages were not being misused to secure citizenship,” the article states.

A “Skype marriage” takes place in another country where it is legally registered while the other party participates via video in the United States.

These refer to larger, established educational institutions such as elementary schools, high schools, universities, etc. Websites promoting terrorism, racism, fascism or other extremist views discriminating people or groups of different ethnic backgrounds, religions or other beliefs.

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The Eight Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with Moussa that such a marriage was not recognized under INA §101(a)(35) as the parents had not consummated the marriage before his father was naturalized and he was thus a citizen.

As a result, Moussa could not be deported for his criminal convictions.

Websites pertaining to personal financial information or advice, such as online banking, loans, mortgages, debt management, credit card companies, and insurance companies. Lottery or gambling websites that facilitate the exchange of real and/or virtual money.

Does not include sites relating to stock markets, brokerages or trading services. Related websites that provide information, tutorials or advice regarding gambling, including betting odds and pools.

Should not include sites that provide peer-to-peer file exchange services or general streaming media.

Sites that provide and/or utilize dynamic DNS services to associate domain names to dynamic IP addresses.

Indeed, INA §204(c) imposed a lifetime bar to a new petition being approved on behalf of a beneficiary who was previously involved in marriage fraud.

The immigration authorities do not require definitive proof of consummation, and proof of the two parties being together physically after the celebration of their proxy marriage, along with a statement affirming consummation, ought to suffice.

Sites that pertain to information or groups in favor of or against abortion, details regarding abortion procedures, help or support forums for or against abortion, or sites that provide information regarding the consequences/effects of pursuing (or not) an abortion.

Sexually explicit material, media (including language), art, and/or products, online groups or forums that are sexually explicit in nature.

Moussa’s claim depended on whether his father was married to his non-citizen mother or not at the time of the father’s naturalization.

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