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Every day, hundreds of thousands of us pop into coffee shops.

While we sip our cappuccinos, we may connect our smartphones to the cafes’ Wi-Fi network, and catch up with friends via services such as Facebook.

We recognize the need to provide care to the sick that do not have the ability to pay.

The only sign of his thievery is perhaps a little smile as your bank log-in details appear on his screen, ready for him to copy and paste before plundering your account within seconds of you finishing your coffee.

As the banks are not obliged to report to the police every time a breach of their security takes place, it is very hard to establish the size of the problem.

Unlike the figures of popular imagination, these thieves will not be wearing stockings over their head or brandishing a sawn-off shotgun.

Instead, the thief could be that smartly dressed middle-aged man hunched over his laptop, seemingly catching up on his emails.

As well as socialising, we may use the time and free access to a wireless connection to get on top of our finances.

That £75 you owe the plumber can be paid instantly by accessing your bank’s website or app.

“Plus, since payments in Messenger use debit cards, as with any other debit card payment, if there are unauthorized charges, people have recourse with their bank.

Finally, Messenger payments are offered as a regulated payment service, meaning they’re directly subject to consumer protection requirements.” The social network's M virtual assistant will also make payment suggestions when it recognises that you and your friends are discussing money somebody owes.

However, according to internet security experts, it is a growing menace.‘This is a real challenge for our industry,’ says James Lyne, the global head of security research for the Oxford-based firm Sophos, which provides data protection services to businesses.

‘There’s undoubtedly a lot of this type of crime going on, and it is going unreported.’One route is through your phone’s wireless ‘Bluetooth’ function, which, when switched on, allows it to ‘talk’ to other enabled devices nearby.

Or maybe it’s the student in the corner, chatting to a friend on his phone while tapping at a tablet computer.

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