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Encryption keys created by the TPM can only be decrypted by the same TPM, which protects the key material from attackers who want to capture and reuse it.To compromise Windows Hello credentials, an attacker would need access to the physical device, and then find a way to spoof the user’s biometric identity or guess his or her PIN.

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To capture enough data to uniquely identify an individual, a biometric scanner might initially capture images in multiple conditions or with additional details.

For example, an iris scanner will capture images of both eyes or both eyes with and without eyeglasses or contact lenses.

This leads to poor security practices like password reuse, written down passwords, or weak password creation.

Windows Hello offers a simple, cost-effective way to deploy multifactor authentication across your organization.

Multifactor authentication is a more secure alternative to password-based device security.

Users dislike having to enter long, complex passwords – particularly on a mobile device touch screen – that corporate policy requires they change frequently.To simplify deployment and improve supportability, Microsoft has combined these technologies into a single solution under the Windows Hello name.Customers who have already deployed these technologies will not experience any change in functionality.Windows 10 Mobile addresses these security concerns directly, whether workers are using personal or corporate-owned devices.It uses the same security technologies as the Windows 10 operating system to help protect against known and emerging security threats across the spectrum of attack vectors.Only the algorithmic form is kept; the actual biometric image is removed from the device after conversion.

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