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We then switch back to our main workbook and select the sheet where we want to paste the data, I have assigned this to the variable called “str Where To Copy”. Open str File Name, Update Links:=False, Read Only:=True Set data WB = Active Workbook Range(str Copy Range). We open the data workbook by using the Application. Next we select the data that has been assigned to the copy range and copy to the clipboard.I got a call from a friend who wanted to combine multiple Excel files into one Excel workbook.

This Sub Merge Excel Files() Dim fname List, fname Cur File As Variant Dim count Files, count Sheets As Integer Dim wks Cur Sheet As Worksheet Dim wbk Cur Book, wbk Src Book As Workbook fname List = Application. After the macro completes, it will notify you how many files have been processed and how many sheets have been merged: If you are not very comfortable with VBA and looking for an easier and faster way to merge Excel files, have a look at the tool, one of 60 time saving features included with our Ultimate Suite for Excel.

Get Open Filename(File Filter:="Microsoft Excel Workbooks (*.xls;*.xlsx;*.xlsm),*.xls;*.xlsx;*.xlsm", Title:="Choose Excel files to merge", Multi Select:=True) If (vb Boolean 0) Then count Files = 0 count Sheets = 0 Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual Set wbk Cur Book = Active Workbook For Each fname Cur File In fname List count Files = count Files 1 Set wbk Src Book = Workbooks. With the Ultimate Suite, merging multiple Excel workbooks into one is as easy as one-two-three (literally, only 3 quick steps).

Below you will find a few good ways to handle this task. In this article, we are going to look at how to copy sheets from multiple Excel workbooks into one workbook.

If you are looking for a quick way to copy data from several worksheets into one sheet, please check out the following article for the detailed guidance: How to merge multiple sheets into one.

However, merging multiple Excel workbooks into one file could be a cumbersome and long process, especially if the workbooks you need to combine contain multiple worksheets. Will you be coping sheets manually or with VBA code?

Or, do you use one of the specialized tools to merge Excel files?

I have also made use of UDF (user defined function) to find the last cell in the column that we specify.

This allows us to paste data onto separate sheets within the same workbook.

Inside our loop are the 4 variables which are assigned the 1) File name, 2) Copy Range, 3) Where To Copy and 4) Which Column contains the starting cell to paste data. Once we have our first data workbook open, we assign this to the data WB variable so that we can easily switch between the two workbooks and close them when the operation has been completed.

Select last Row = Last Row In One Column(str Start Cell Col Name) Cells(last Row 1, 1). Paste Special xl Paste Values, xl Paste Special Operation None Application. We start by assigning the workbook where we want to consolidate the date to the variable current WB by using the statement: After this a looping construct has been used to go through all the inputs provided one by one and open the workbooks, it has been assumed these workbooks to contain on the data that we need to copy hence I did not specify the source sheet name, however this can be easily added to this code to add more functionality.

Open(Filename:=fname Cur File) For Each wks Cur Sheet In wbk Src Book. You don't even have to open all of the workbooks you want to combine.

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