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I had played my first year of SCT rugby as a 15-year-old and now I was playing senior rugby at 18 years of age.Another quick look at that team-sheet - Fergus Slattery and Willie Duggan - Five Nations champions, Lions Test winners. I opened the dressing-room finding it empty except for the familiar face of HP Mac Neill wandering lonely as a cloud.The dressing-room is nearly full now as Fergus Slattery arrives in.

Primarily, we remember Willie Duggan for what he did on the pitch.

The first senior match I played in with him was against St Mary's in Stradbrook.

It was a pathologically violent game, an undercurrent of nastiness which as an 18-year-old I wasn't really equipped to deal with.

In Willie's world there were no passengers so he didn't say a word to me in the dressing-room.

Hugo had been the Lions' Test starter at fullback for the tour of New Zealand in the summer of 1983 and the previous season had scored a memorable try at Twickenham while beating England en route to the Championship.

Hugo was captain of Oxford University that year and it was a matter of regret that he picked up a knee injury in an invitation game a week or so before the Varsity game.Milliseconds later a fearful crack of contact and a splash of claret. "Well stop f**king behaving like one." Those were the first words he ever said to me.That was the thing about Willie, his mere presence on the field normally worked as a deterrent. When it came to someone taking liberties with one of his team-mates - well, you could do it once. The punch hit with such force that while this guy was holding my chin I could feel the blow reverberate through his body. I think he was pissed because he had hurt his paw dispensing justice. His game, as Fergus Slattery put it, was about "short-range physicality".Gary Halpin did prodigious things in the gym, he could dead-lift and bench-press truly phenomenal weights but that strength never translated into something tangible when it came to physical contact.Every time you had Willie take the ball in a maul these granite hands left bruises in your mid-riff.It was obvious from the moment he led his team onto the field that Hugo wasn't even remotely close to being fit.

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