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I like to think it is my curiosity and thirst for fresh inspiration.

I think entrepreneurship is our natural state—a big adult word that probably boils down to something much more obvious like playfulness.

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Too many people presume they are right and don’t listen to other points of view.

They speak categorically and then close their ears.

Auktion & Markt AG is a medium size, owner-operated company.

Its core business is the marketing of used vehicles throughout Europe in online and live auctions.

But in every aspect of my life—building businesses, raising a family, embarking upon adventures—I try to do things for the first time every day.” His child-like, curious approach to life has served him well.

In Finding My Virginity, Branson shares his ups and downs in his entertaining, candid style.

Making lists is both a way of remembering things and of ticking off achievements to make progress.

Without notes and follow-ups, chances are nothing would get done.

Vehicles and equipment from several municipal authorities: From small as well as large commercial vehicles, combine harvesters and rubbish collection vehicles to tipper trucks.

Auction date: Fri, 19 January, 10 am Look forward to an attractive pool of vehicles from DB Fuhrpark Service Gmb H.

They stayed in a sector that had died, whereas Virgin was always one step ahead of the game.

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