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As a result he experienced a vicious smear campaign fueled by the CIA. I've freelanced for decades, including during a war, successfully exposed major governmental corruption, weathered concerted retaliation and have been regularly appalled at the weakness of corporate, bureaucratic and political weasels who abandoned ideals, professionalism and integrity, "going along to get along." I was aware of Webb's writing and vilification at the time they occurred, in the late '90s, but for over 50 years I had a front row seat for even pre-Nixonian "drug wars" through the "crack epidemic," genocidal American imperialism, and the treatment of many other reporters who dared challenge the status quo, who had the courage to painfully examine the quaint and naive notion of collective national decency.

At that point Webb found himself defending his integrity, his family, and his life. Webb's story, so artfully recounted and performed, was unfortunately true.

Indeed, spurred by new information about the practice of questionable property seizures, Webb had once again picked at the scab covering the decade-old, gangrenous infestation of our government, later well described by Robert Parry in his October 2004 Salon piece, "How Kerry exposed the Contra-cocaine scandal." To get the story, Webb had exposed himself to blood curdling danger, both at his own home in the U. The papers' responded with hyperactive involvement in the personal destruction of Webb's reporting, reputation and life. the same papers, pressured by Reagan administration officials, buried Senator John Kerry's investigation, and shared subsequent malfeasance in their facilitating the Bush/Cheney administration's illegal and genocidal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

The NY Times and Post had some odious history themselves. trained, funded and armed Atlacatl Battalion murdered almost a thousand peasants, largely neutral evangelical Protestants, and mostly women and children, on December 11, 1981.

Source author Nick Schou noted: "Having the movie finally be made now is not so much about pointing fingers as telling the story and giving audiences a sense of who Gary was. He was accused of distorting the actuality of Reagan-era hypocrisy, but his reporting was accurate.

That the picture got made, and got made right and with the right people, is thrilling to me." Cuesta [director Michael Cuesta] and Renner [star Jeremy Renner], said Schou, "shared the empathy and compassion needed to tell Gary [Gary Webb]'s story - and it's an incredibly timely story right now because of how detached people are from what's really happening behind the scenes in government, and because of the need to have an independent press." See more » I drove 140 miles, round trip, in foreboding weather, to attend the nearest U. He never accused the CIA of intentionally destroying the social fabric of minority communities, but made it clear that Harlem and Watts and Chicago's South Side were victims of "collateral damage," the inevitable consequences of the abandonment of any pretense of morality ostensibly possessed by the Reagan administration. Perhaps the worst betrayal of public trust by this film is depicted in recapitulation of the collective response of the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, after being pressured by the CIA and the State Department.

It needs to be seen by a wider audience just as it would be wise to make "Dr.

Strangelove" part of a core curriculum in the formal education of American adolescents.Pero, como dijo Stephen King, el miedo irracional hacia estos seres de nariz roja y cara pintada es más antiguo que su novela.Se llama coulrofobia (fobia a los payasos) y puede provocar ataques de pánico a quienes la padecen.La revista recogió los testimonios de payasos profesionales en Los Ángeles.“(El trailer) está arruinando nuestro negocio”, declaró Nick Kane, de 33 años, cuyo nombre artístico es Mr. Roger Fojas, de 48 años, dijo haber experimentado los efectos del video, ya que el tráfico de su página de Yelp se redujo drásticamente en los días posteriores a su publicación.Los psicólogos que han estudiado esta condición sitúan su origen en los niños alrededor de dos años, que aún no son capaces de separar la fantasía de la realidad y presentan ansiedad ante los extraños. Según la psicóloga Brenda Wiederhold, citada en la revista , solo un 2 por ciento de la población adulta presenta coulrofobia.

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