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Kiskuk pem-pilua'sik ta'n tel-maliaptmumk o'pla'taqatimk na amujpa kwilaqitjik pile'k lukewinu'k ta'n kisa'ttaq tel-mil-lukutimk nuji-kla'qa'luemk.

Aqq elt, kwilaqitjijk wenik wjit keknue'k lukwaqn nkutey nike' wenik panuijkatmi'tij koqoey etli-o'pla'tekemk aqq wenik ewe'wmi'tij kiskukewey kisitaqnn nkutey mattaqte'kney panuijkatmnew teli-o'pla'tekemk. Nuji-apoqnmua'tijik apoqntmi'tij wla'siktn tel-lukutiek aqq menaqaj kisi-ankweywanen wenik aqq wla'siktn teleyu'k wutanl No'pa Sko'sia. 2014 has been an unforgettable year for the RCMP in many respects, for both employees and citizens in Nova Scotia.

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In front of the wall, the bronze statue of a lone member with his head bowed to show his remembrance and grief.

His stetson and gloves at his feet signify they belonged to a member who is no longer able to wear them and is not with us physically; however remains with us in mind and in spirit.

We also rely heavily on the support of our volunteer family.

Without their help, the RCMP would not have the community outreach activities that we do.

You can read the results of the Nova Scotia operation in the Major Investigations section.

The unit also conducted an online luring and extortion investigation that led to an arrest of a 17-year-old male in Dover, England for luring and extorting a young female from Nova Scotia.Etched in stone on the granite memorial wall of the Nova Scotia RCMP Headquarters are the names of those Nova Scotia RCMP members who left us too soon.This is a solemn and constant reminder of those who lost their lives in the line of duty.As Commanding Officer for Nova Scotia's Provincial Police, I want to thank you for your continued support of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).During the past year, the RCMP has spent considerable time conducting enforcement activities targeting those who use the Internet to commit crime and educating citizens on the dangers of fraud and cybercrimes and how they can protect themselves.Jiko'taqatijik Mattaqte'kney–iktuk elt wiaqpultipnik panuijkatasik tel-waqatikaluj aqq koqqwa'luj mijua'ji'jk jel pija'lupnaq l'pa'tu'saq tleyawitaq Dover, Aklasie'wa'kik mita wetnu'kwalsis kisi- waqatikalan aqq koqqwa'lan e'pite'sl No'pa Sko'sia.

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