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However a very loose system as to what makes up the overall canon was created by Leland Chee, a Star Wars expert hired by George to keep track of everything Star Wars.

And I thought I knew what that meant, though the Death Eaters did not.

" circumstances and were therefore officially considered non-canonical within the Legends continuity.

Over the years what counts as canon for Star Wars has been made extremely difficult due to the size of the expanded universe (made no better by George Lucas making a special edition every year or so).

Word of warning: the old Expanded Universe, now Legends, is .

Therefore, please only add works that have their own pages on this wiki.However, crossing the Moral Event Horizon does not necessarily make a villain Pure Evil, it only means that they are irredeemably evil.Some villains have or almost crossed the Moral Event Horizon, or done something despicable enough to make the fans believe they did so, only to later redeem completely or partially.Asian Date is 100% free Asian service to help single women and men, guys or ladies in Asia or in the West find online love and relationship.It takes you about 25 seconds to register for a profile. By definition, a character can only cross the Moral Event Horizon once; however, it is possible for a villain to have more than one event as a potential Moral Event Horizon, such as the various adaptations of the Joker of DC Comics and Teridax of BIONICLE.

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