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Enlisting the support of community leaders, field workers went from door to door seeking to overcome these preconceptions.Efforts were made to meet the needs of children who were unable to go to school due to poverty.Some parents were willing to send both their daughters and their sons to school, but in cases of financial difficulty, sons were given preference over daughters.

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This, to cut a long story short, was how Eskin got its practical new classrooms. As a result, the girls of the village are expected to be able to continue their education for at least three more years.

The visit of the mass media to the village on April 23 was not merely a celebration of this event.

Children studying in such unfavourable circumstances often dropped out or were unsuccessful.

In villages like in order to complete their primary education — the school bus continued to leave without a single girl on board.

Despite the decline in the pace of population growth, 1.4m boys and girls reach primary school age each year.

Many existing schools have also become overburdened as a result of rapid migration from rural to urban areas and from poorer provinces to crowded suburbs of major cities.

The village of to appear large as life in the old school yard.

For a precious hour or two around noon, the whole community would be in front of the cameras — and all of Turkey would be tuning in live.

Schools have also been constructed and equipped under the grant–funded Support for Basic Education Programme.

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