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Before then, all documents for the towns in this district were recorded in Cambridge.

In 1855, those documents were copied into a separate set of books for each town in the district.

The documents provided in this web site are for informational purposes only.

To obtain an official copy of any free document or publication, please contact your local Registry of Deeds.

Marginal References: We have entered all marginal references in books 1 through 4216 in a separate database.

Enter the book and page of the document of interest to you and click "Find Marginal References" to display the book, page and document type of any marginal reference that appears on that page of that record book.

I usually leave the search on “all document types.” Massachusetts Registry of Deeds documents are organized by “book and page.” Before electronic records, land records were recorded in actual thick book volumes.

The “book” reference refers to the volume number and the page refers to the page number. Input your first and last name and click your town in the drop down menu. Voilá, there’s a list of all recorded instruments on your title.

Search the City of Cambridge library databases including genealogy and local history resources, newspapers, consumer information, and general reference materials.

A Cambridge Public Library card is required to access these resources.

This site provides you with quick access to land records across the State.

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