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Because of their modular design, most units can be attached to or detached from the primary home and can be permanent or temporary.

Typically these units feature a bedroom, living area, bathroom and small kitchen.

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Nationwide Homes got into the game last year with its Care-Cottage, a 14- by 44-foot modular unit designed with assisted-living needs in mind.

“People coming into the backyard but with a place of their own are less likely to feel like they’re imposing on the family when they move into the house,” says Dan Goodin, an executive vice president at Nationwide.

Ken Dupin, the founder and chief executive of N2Care, says the approaching wave of seniors in need of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities will put a tremendous strain on Medicare and Medicaid.

Henry Racki, the founder and chairman of PALS, acknowledges the industry is in its infancy and that pod manufacturers are still trying to educate the public on cost-effective alternatives.

Another product, PALS (Practical Assisted Living Solutions), is available with two different floor plans, each approximately 330 square feet and intended for people with limited mobility or planning to age in place.

Grab bars are located throughout the unit, and all doorways, plus the entire bathroom (toilet, shower, sink), can accommodate wheelchairs. It looks like it belongs there, it adds value, and it might be useful for my wife and me one day.” (MORE: Facts: Moving a Parent Into Your Home) How to Save Money and Maximize the Value of a Modular Unit In the long run, a modular pod can be a smart investment.

Starting at ,000, N2Care’s 288-square-foot unit, MEDCottage, is marketed as a “nursing home alternative.” The entire structure is accessible, has rubber floors (to minimize damage from a fall) and offers medication dispensers and robotic technology to monitor the resident’s vital signs (including glucose levels and blood pressure).

There’s safety lighting and air filters, floor-mounted sensors to alert you of potential health problems and falls, and even a lift to help the resident use the bathroom.

Unlike a permanent home remodeling job, a pod’s flexible design comes in handy if and when you no longer need the unit.

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