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Also of significance are the novels of Felix Salten published between 19 which established the precedents of what would later be called furry fiction.

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Significant milestones and advancements included Lewis Carroll’s fantasy novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 1865, Beatrix Potter’s illustrated children’s books in 1890, Rudyard Kipling’s collection of talking animal stories The Jungle Book in 1894, H. Wells’ 1896 science fiction novel The Island of Dr. Jack in 1896, the first appearance of anthropomorphic animals in comic strips.

Of particular significance is a series of children’s books by Palmer Cox begun in 1890 called "Funny Animals," which is the earliest discovered use of the term in relation to anthropomorphic animals.

There were still the standard small press stuff, along with coverage about the Fursonas doc, but then around 2016 we got hit with one of the biggest positive articles for the fandom. To say that story put the fandom under a new light would be an understatement.

It was a watershed moment that spread like wildfire over social media.

When folk tales were eventually collected and categorized, literary scholars determined that animals with human attributes such as speech were an element specific to fairytales And as fairytales became popular, anthropomorphic animals became a familiar aspect of most world cultures.

The 1800s saw the advent of the fantasy, science fiction and children's literature genres.

Along with MTV’s Sex2K episode, “Plushies and Furries,” and the famous CSI episode, “Fur and Loathing,” in 2003 that painted a clear picture of the fandom to mainstream audiences. Furries are people who love walking talking animals and how they show that love depends on the person. Anyone who has been in or actually explores the fandom understands that, but with stories like CSI that wasn’t what people were seeing.

It’s why for the longest time, and still to a degree, Furries don’t talk to the media because the media has done a poor job with representing us. I can’t say when it ended, with history there’s rarely any cut off date, eras come in waves and in the last few years the previous wave has died down.

For a point of reference, the biggest outlet I can remember covering Furries outside of a sexual fetish was Buzzfeed.

If you listen closely you can here several people clutching their pearls right now.

While the biggest story I can remember coming from mainstream presses at the time was the Gas Attack on Midwest Fur Fest in 2014 where one news anchor, who had no idea what Furries were, couldn’t stop herself from laughing.

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