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Better, from a strategic point of view, to stress our commonalities with Muslims.If they see us as a brother religion, they are more likely to protect the Christians in their midst.

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Islam has an insatiable appetite for deference, and there is no end to the things that offend Muslims.

The word “Islam,” after all, means submission, and that, ultimately, is how non-Muslims are expected to show respect.

The Muslim call to prayer includes the words “Allahu akbar,” and the Allah they call upon is decidedly not a Trinity.

Islam, which considers itself to be the best religion on the planet, is also the touchiest religion on the planet.

is antagonizing the entire world.” He continued: “Is it possible that 1.6 billion people should want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants…?

” He then warned the assembled imams not to “remain trapped within this mindset” but to “reflect on it from a more enlightened perspective.” However you interpret el-Sisi’s remarks, it’s clear that he believes the problems of Islam are not the fault of a tiny minority.Whether or not this is the reasoning at the Vatican, I don’t know. In Islam, blasphemy and slander are taken quite seriously and any criticism of Islam or its prophet can be construed as blasphemous. One of the most authoritative sharia law books defines it as “saying anything about a person that he would dislike.” That covers a lot of territory.So the argument that drawing attention to the violent side of Islam will only incite further violence is a compelling one.Catholics who are worried about offending Islam might note that in Saudi Arabia the mere presence of a Catholic church is considered offensive.Will the wearing of a cross by a Christian student at Duke someday be considered intolerably offensive to the Muslim students?A weak response from the enemy, whether on the battlefield or from the pulpit proves that he is.

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