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Now we have The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, I loved The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, it was watchable, but this one was just an excuse to make some quick cash.I was actually looking forward to seeing this movie, I got the opportunity to see it today, I was excited, but unfortunately, we now have Chinese mummies that can do anything that will fit into the CGI budget.Uznał, że jedno życie to za mało i wysłał swojego zaufanego generała Minga Guo, żeby sprowadził czarodziejkę. Po powrocie Ming umiera zamordowany na rozkaz cesarza.

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It's just a sad disappointment, considering how much better it could have been.

The one liners were too cheesy and we have three headed dragons, karate kicking abdominal snow men, why not just go all the way and have leprechauns with machine guns? Luke Ford makes Brandon Fraiser look like Marlon Brando with his acting and the love story between him and the protector girl was useless.

Now the whole family with Jonathan and the protector who was supposed to keep the emperor from rising, must destroy the Emperor or he will take over the entire world.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor has some OK moments, I loved the beginning story and the ending battle scene is held pretty strong, it's worth the look for that, but I would say this is more of a rental.

When the couple reaches China, they meet their son Alex O'Connell, who has discovered the tomb of Han, and Evelyn's brother Jonathan Carnahan. The guardian of Han's tomb (and Zi's daughter) Lin tells them that the only ways to destroy Han are to prevent him from reaching Shangri-La or by stabbing his heart with a cursed dagger.

After the emperor has been awakened, the heroes ride in a cart containing fireworks. This is an alternate name for Doris Tse, a co-producer on the film.

W 1946 roku wiodąca spokojne życie rodzina O’Connellów zostaje uwikłana w historię mającą 2000 lat.

18-letni wówczas Alex prowadzi wykopaliska w Chinach w tajemnicy przed rodzicami, którzy sądzą, że ich syn jest na studiach.

Alex wraz z profesorem Wilsonem odkrywa podziemny grobowiec, w którym od lat spoczywa zamieniony w posąg cesarz.

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