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raire antique - Hans Peter L' orange: Nuovo contributo allo studio di Palazzo Erculio di Piazza Armerina - Hjalmar Torp: Two sixth-century Coptic stone reliefs with Old Testament scenes - Per Jonas Nordhagen: The mosaics of John VII (705-707 A.

The design might also be pegged out in string, Achilles being adored by princesses of Skyros, a scene from the Iliad where Odysseus (Ulysses) discovers him dressed as a woman and hiding among the princesses at the royal court of Skyros.

A late Roman mosaic from La Olmeda, Spain, 4th-5th centuries AD Imagery of famous individuals or entertaining scenes are common on Roman mosaics.

Witts claims that tessellated pavements, using tesserae, were used in Europe from the late fifth to early fourth centuries BC. Dunbabin concur with this assessment, asserting that the transition from pebble mosaics to more complex tessellated mosaics originated in Hellenistic-Greek Sicily during the 3rd century BC, developed at sites such as Morgantina and Syracuse.

This is contradicted by Ruth Westgate, who contends that the earliest tessellated mosaics of the Hellenistic period date to the 3rd century BC, with the 2nd to early 1st-century BC mosaics of Delos constituting roughly half of the known examples. The earliest known pebble mosaics and use of chip pavement are found at Olynthus in Greece's Chalcidice, dated to the 5th to 4th centuries BC, while other examples can be found at Pella, capital of Macedon, dated to the 4th century BC.

Il patrimonio dei Musei Vaticani è costituito dalle opere d arte celebri che tutto il mondo conosce, da collezioni stupefacenti per numero, varietà e rarità, dai capi d opera che testimoniano quasi ogni aspetto ed ogni epoca della umana civilizzazione.

Ma il patrimonio dei Musei Vaticani è costituito anche dai saperi e dai mestieri degli scienziati e dei tecnici che nei laboratori e nei dipartimenti lavorano.

The Alexander Mosaic from the House of the Faun, Pompeii depicts the Battle of Issus between Alexander the Great and Darius III.

In addition to famous people from antiquity, mosaics can depict aspects of daily life.

The patrimony of the Vatican Museums is composed of celebrated works of art known throughout the world, of collections that are astonishing for their number, variety and rarity, of masterpieces that testify to every aspect and every epoch of human civilization.

But the patrimony of the Vatican Museums is also made up of the knowledge and expertise of the scientists and technicians who work in its laboratories and departments.

Per fortuna le cose non stanno così, o almeno non stanno soltanto così.

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