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Sound Quality - The sound quality is crystal clear - high fidelity/ HD movie quality, featuring long original recordings with no obvious 'jumps' that some sites have when a sample is looped.

Each individual sound can be further customized to your heart's content via an online graphic equalizer: for example, you can boost the bass, turn down the high end, or set the sample to the ANIMATE setting, which adjusts the levels very subtly as it plays to create an ever-changing 'Moodscape.'Hearing Test Feature - A particularly impressive feature of My is a built-in free hearing test.

Best of all, the colored background is constantly changing, cycling very subtly and slowly through a range of pastel colors in a very calming and soothing fashion.

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We initially found this site when we were looking for a sound generator that could recreate the sounds of a busy coffee shop.

Noisli is a great-looking site with a modern, intuitive design and excellent quality sound recordings.

The interface: There's no getting away from it: Noisli is a gorgeous-looking site.

The design is modern and crisp, with sound effects shown as graphical symbols that make the site very intuitive to use.

The Sounds: Noisli features 16 different high quality sounds, including: Rain, Thunderstorm, Wind, Birdsong/ Forest, Leaves Rustling, Steam, Ocean Waves, Splashing Water, Fire, Twilight, Coffee Shop, Railroad, Industrial Fan, White Noise, Pink Noise and Brown Noise.

Customization: Each sound effect can be triggered by clicking on it, and the individual volume level adjusted.

The site saves the results of that test and uses the data to tailor the sound to your own individual hearing levels.

To the best of our knowledge, no other sound generator site to date has that feature.

Soundscapes - My's digitally engineered Soundscapes are particularly impressive, featuring wrap-around immersive audio landscapes such as 'Osmosis,' 'Twilight' and 'Saturn Rings' that will make you feel like you're walking on the surface of an alien planet, or drifting across a twinkling starscape.

You can build your own Soundscapes using the site's built in Generator, which plays up to 5 sound generators at once from one internet browser window (or just do what we do and open our favorite soundscapes in separate tabs, so they all play at once).

A noise generator is simply a piece of audio equipment which plays back a number of soothing sound effects, including white noise, natural sounds such as rainfall or ocean waves, or a roaring log fire.

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