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Silas admitted that he had been involved with Ava years ago but insisted that he did not bring harm to his wife.

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Although Nathan was sure Silas had harmed his sister, he agreed to entertain the possibility that perhaps Ava had committed the crime.

Nathan set a trap for Ava but was caught his mother instead.

Maxie's boyfriend Levi disapproved of their friendship but Nathan continued to spend time with her and encouraged Maxie to be a part of her daughter's life.

Nathan was by Maxie's side when she asked the judge to reconsider her custody petition and he lied to the judge in order to strengthen Maxie's case.

Although the case was over twenty years old, Nathan was determined to find justice for Nina.

Nathan spoke often of his disgust for Silas and admonished him for engaging in an affair with Ava Jerome while he was married to Nina.

The next day, Nathan was dealt another blow by Madeline when she warned him not to become romantically involved with Britt because she was his sister.

She explained that her younger sister, Liesl Obrecht, had given birth to him.

He killed Peter Harrell when he was about to stab Maxie and she returned the favor and killed Levi when he made an attempt on Nathan's life.

Afterwards Nathan and Maxie shared a kiss and she agreed to go on a date with him.

Levi admitted that he was a jewel thief and that Maxie had been a means to her mother's Aztec jewelry.

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