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There's a little less than two months before the event begins and we're way behind on fundraising.This year's goal is 00, so far we're at close to 0. I've added the donation button to the sidebar as well as a "Cuba Nostalgia Sponsor" area where a graphic image and link for those businesses that have donated some greenbacks will be featured.

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Many of those dissidents are still in prison, cut off from their friends and family.

Nikola Horejs is from People in Need's centre for human rights and democracy: "This was started after March 2003, when 75 journalists and opposition politicians were jailed in Cuba in a massive crackdown.

I get there, pick up a pack of smokes and some beer and haul ass out of there only to get stuck in traffic.

The usual 5 minutes it takes me to get from one landmark to another takes me about 20 minutes.

After trying again and again, I believe, they decided that Santana is off in his own little world. In February of 2005, when Santana wore his now infamous designer T-shirt to the Oscars in front of a national television audience of 41.5 million viewers, while performing a song for a movie that is an ode to the , they thought that it was just another case of the flighty Santana being Santana. Two months later, when Santana’s management issued a statement about the incident, a statement that talked about Santana in the third person, a statement that did not even quote Santana, a statement that instead of apologizing for the pain Santana’s actions caused, blamed the offended parties for not interpreting the actions properly, they must have shrugged it off. Just three days after that Emilio Estefan proudly posed for pictures with Santana at the BMI Latin Music Awards in Las Vegas. Who would have a problem with that, they must have thought? Perhaps Santana’s management had it right when they issued their statement defending that artist’s actions.

Perhaps situations like these are a matter of misperception.

So, if you're in the need for that new high rise condo building you just been dying to build, or your mansion in Weston or Star Island needs major architectural work, give Pete a call. ESPN has just announced that it has hired Tim Hardaway to host a special two-hour round table about gay athletes. Almost as ridiculous as asking an avowed Che-lover to appear on an album dedicated to, and about Cuba. I believe that the Estefans have been friendly with Santana for many years.

The thing is that one of these ridiculous things happened and I just made the other one up. I believe that during those years the Estefans have talked to Santana about the reality of Cuba but that Santana just doesn’t get it. Besides, they say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to us, though it did, that they would invite their old friend Santana, who through his actions and words has proven time and again that he is a denier of the Cuban tragedy, to appear on an album dedicated to Cuba.

Since then, we've been doing this in solidarity with them. =D As you all can imagine, yesterday was a pretty stressful day here on the blog, having had two back to back posts that garnered a fair amount of comments, with many opinions, criticisms, discussions, debate, etc...

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