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It’s just as important for us to share the history or the DNA of the communities we serve, from the elections and big news, to the everyday people and the past celebrities in our communities.” Stephen Weiter, dean of the Oakland University Libraries, said the gift is about more than its potential academic significance.

“It’s a preservation of part of the human record,” Weiter said.

A student may select these courses from either of the following: Examines the role of language in culture and society.

The ease with which we use language belies its intricacies, not only in the grammar, but also in its social and cultural use.

The donation includes: • Over 1,400 reels of microfilm and sheets of microfiche; • 20 filing cabinet drawers stuffed with photographic prints; • 10 boxes filled with thousands of CD-ROMs, each containing about 500 photographs; • 43 historic, bound issues of print editions, some dating back to before the Civil War. “We have the privilege of owning so much rich information about the communities we serve, and it is our responsibility to make sure that future generations can access and understand what has gone on in the past,” said Jeannie Parent, publisher of The Oakland Press, in explaining the gift.

“Think of the DNA testing kits you can get to learn more about your own history.“It’s so important for us to be able to preserve all of that data and history somewhere, and I think donating it to Oakland University really cements and exemplifies the kind of partnerships we should have across Oakland County,” Parent said. We might be able to get this done faster if a bag of gold fell on the roof,” Weiter said.“We’re extremely proud of the partnership with Oakland University and we’re looking forward to continuing with the new president Ora Pescovitz.” The first goal of OU’s team is to preserve the original materials, but Weiter said there is no timeline for how long it will take to archive, digitize and catalog the collection. “We’re not talking a span of months, but years, and not knowing the full extent of the collection yet it’s impossible to say how much it will cost, but certainly over time we’re talking numbers in the six figures.” To try and offset some of the cost, and quickly make public some of the materials that have a high public interest, librarians have entered the 1960’s as a decade of newspaper issues to submit for digitization through the Digital Michigan Newspapers Grant Program at Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University.Choose 12 credits from among the following: Provides multiple opportunities for students to develop understanding of the nature of global music traditions, of varied musical systems found throughout our world, and of connections among those systems.Opportunities to learn about the historical and socio-cultural contexts of these music traditions and opportunity to learn to perform some of the music.Through concentrated intellectual engagement in disciplines outside a student’s major, this requirement offers expanded horizons and progressive challenges to more fully develop the scope of a student’s understanding, abilities and accomplishments.

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