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Some men find today's so-called independent woman to be not very feminine at all, overly assertive, argumentative, prone to characterizing a simple male advance as "harassment," and a general pain in the ass to be around.

They seek to deny (to themselves, probably) that sex with a person who has both tits and a dick is homosexual in nature, when the guy is sucking that dick or getting fucked by it.

It's the transsexual woman, or "TS." A woman who used to be a male. If it's her femininity, then he's not responding like a gay man would, and thus shouldn't worry about whether he's "turning gay." If the guy can accept that he is attracted to a somewhat different kind of woman and still wants to pursue it, take it just one step at a time. A TS who has the genuine sensibilities of the female will not respond to sexual adventure proposals any better than most GG's will.

"Pre-Op" refers to the fact that she has not had sexual reassignment surgery (SRS), the sex-change surgery. A male-to-female transsexual is generally defined as a woman in a man's body.

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Any guy who is chronically misunderstood by GG's will be able to appreciate the viewpoint of the TS. Can he relax around her and just enjoy being with her, as if she were a GG? A pretty TS said she wants "a man with class, respect, morals, intelligence, humor and loyalty." She is having great difficulty finding a man like that.

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