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Green heavy paper cover., stapled., 60 Pages., 30 plates ( some folding) 18cm. Comparative embryological investigation based on a Balaenoptera physalus of 90 mm in length / De Monte, T. Plasmaprotein fractions in some species of cetaceans (Inia, Platanista, phocoenoides and Esshrichtius) / Arvy, L. DDT in Cetacea (code A-69/A-79) Bijzonderheden: Berne 1971,182 pp.,b&w photos/textill./tables,contents Pilleri, G. Differences observed in the skulls of Platanista indi and gangetica / Pilleri, G. Physical analysis of the sounds emitted by Platanista indi / Pilleri, G. With stamp of the Literature Bureau of the South Pacific Commission on front. Kwaliteit: Bijzonderheden: by command of the Army Council., Pbk., Marked 'not to be published' on front cover., Notified in ACI's 9th December 1942., Part VI. The ultrastructure of epidermis cells in Phocoena phocoena / Mller, F. Bijzonderheden: 4to, cloth binding with dustjacket, 2 vols. The books in the Course in Spiritual Mastery Series - The Laws of Love, The Power of Love and The Presence of Love - show us how to love without conditions. very good condition Bijzonderheden: by command of the Army Council., Pbk., Marked 'not to be published' on front cover., Notified in ACI's 17th April 1943., Part V., 28 Pages., 18cm. Preliminary analysis of the lipids present in the blubber of Platanista indi and gangetica / Petter, A. Redescription of Contracaecum lobulatum Schneider 1866(Ascariridodea), a parasite of two species of Platanista / Pilleri, G.

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: de door de initiatiefnemer beheerde persoonlijke internetomgeving op die bedoeld is voor het presenteren en organiseren van buurtacties.

Kwaliteit: Als nieuw A COURSE IN SPIRITUAL MASTERY. condition as new Bijzonderheden: Ahmedabad India, Vimal Prakashan Trust, 1996.

They will help you to connect to love, heal your wounds and discover the gift you have to give to the world.

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portsmouth nieuws daten Wel kan de informatie die in de cookies is opgeslagen, bij een volgend bezoek aan onze website weer naar onze servers teruggestuurd worden. 2 volumes: Part 1 Text and Translation; Part 2 Notes and Glossary. 3 parts softcover edition with thesis leaflet A study of the history and significance of the North Indian pilgrimage town of Ayodhya Kwaliteit: Zeer goed The peripheral circulation of blood, lymph and tissular fluid. very good condition Catalogue of decor and Costume Design from the Diaghilev period. Part II of the set on Trika Yoga explores how the groundwork laid in beginning practice unfolds into an increasingly refined awareness and teaches us how sustain that awareness regardless of what is going on around us. Contains petitions against the Press Regulation, letter on English Education, Prospects of Christianity etc. slightly yellowed Bijzonderheden: Catalogue of the collection of ancient and later coins. online daten gehuwde paren : de persoonlijke internetomgeving op waar de deelnemer onder andere via de slimme meter inzicht kan krijgen in het eigen energieverbruik en in besparingsmogelijkheden.loveawake gratis online dating nepalees service : een door de deelnemers van Buurkracht aan een buurtactie geselecteerde adviseur of leverancier van producten of diensten met wie de deelnemer een overeenkomst kan aangaan. Part II (358 pp) has crease on top corner front plate. In Part I, Swami Chetanananda explains three aspects of spiritual practice with clarity and depth: work with a teacher, private meditation, and servicebecoming an instrument of the Divine.

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