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My whole platform is about saving you time and preventing you from investing your precious time with men who will never appreciate you. After hearing any of these…you #Block Like ABoss Shirtless Photo’s in bathroom mirror – Block Pics with penis almost showing – Block “Hey.” as an opener – Block “Ur hot.” – Block “Wat u up 2? Happily Married Women aren’t even aware of dating games, rules or do’s and don’ts. They introduce themselves and take an interest in you.

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Sixty-five percent of men reported that they thought a woman offered to split in order to be polite, while 78% of women surveyed said they offered to pay because they don’t want to feel obligated for anything. So what does paying for a bill have to do with sex?

Women on some level may still believe they are in debt to the man if they take his offering of food, says Eric Marlowe Garrison, a certified sex counselor and assistant director of Office of Health Promotion at William and Mary.

And for those who believe men are the ones dragging their feet when it comes to relationships, that's not the case.

The survey found that men are 43% more likely than women to believe that having sex helps to builds an emotional connection with a partner.

"It's kind of a love-hate relationship."Oh, and that cracked phone you’re waiting to upgrade?

Time to lose it, according to Fisher.“Singles don’t like people who have a cracked phone, or an old phone or those who use a clicking sound when typing,” she says, citing the survey.Fisher likewise notes that the concept of "food for sex" is common in other species, with male flies catching something and giving it to a female, who then copulates with the male, and a likewise scenario with birds.But while many might believe having sex too soon equates with a population looking for a physical-only connection, that’s not the case. Any idiot can hide behind his computer and say anything.As much as we know this, navigating it can be very depressing. After you don’t respond for 5 minutes – Block Cannot make a plan for a date – Block Won’t call and have a normal phone conversation – Block Disappears for days and then comes back – Block Ignores certain questions on text or doesn’t reply – Block The problem isn’t the trolls. When you see the red flag and give it zero time, zero response and move forward, you are doing what happily married women naturally did before they met their husbands. This was the biggest discovery in all of my research.The majority of men believe that feminism has changed dating for the better, with only 35% saying that the rise of gender equality has made dating worse.

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