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Ground zero for BEG is Hollywood’s Siren Studios, where Peretti is now based.(Buzz Feed’s official headquarters remains in New York.) BEG, led by longtime internet video producer Ze Frank, pumps out dozens of pieces of content daily to multiple platforms.A giant success for Buzz Feed has been Tasty, a series of short how-to cooking videos and recipes (e.g., taco pizza and ice cream churro bowls), which frequently pull in well over 1 billion views each month.

Going public would be met with considerable skepticism among Buzz Feed watchers, including current and former employees who spoke with For starters, any company daring to dive into public markets faces challenging conditions, as Snap is learning the hard way.

Buzz Feed also must consider several business obstacles that could thwart the growth necessary to go public, particularly regarding the vaunted video production and distribution capabilities that are being counted on to drive that growth.

In their testimonials, former employees complain about the company’s restrictive practices.

According to ex-Buzz Feed staffers, managers including Frank would routinely communicate that everyone at the organization was replaceable.

An increasing stream of former employees in recent months has been making charges that Buzz Feed operates a kind of old-Hollywood studio system for the digital-content age: Creators typically don’t own their work and are barred from engaging in any projects outside the company’s confines.

That has led burned-out, disgruntled and/or fame-seeking Buzz Feed video stars to quit.“Buzz Feed, if it chooses, might be very well positioned because of the strength of the core business, where the digital content industry is going and where the traditional media industry is not going,” he says.Ultimately, revenue is what IPO candidates will be judged by most.“They just didn’t know what to do with how famous people were becoming,” says Gaby Dunn, who left the company in 2015 with her comedy partner, Allison Raskin.“There was the feeling ‘Why should we let you become more famous because of us?Reports earlier this month suggested that Buzz Feed is internally projecting total 2017 revenue of 0 million, up 35% from 2016.

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