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I read over & over again that e Harmony was a waste of time from several different PUA’s (that’s pick-up artists) This consistent low view of e Harmony in the PUA community is exactly what I think has made it so good.

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You must type out your response to these questions. Most guys reply with boring answers at every step that scream “I’m lazy and I’m boring! If you didn’t download it earlier, click here to get it..

I’m throwing in a secret right now for the guys that were not lazy and actually read this far.

Then save it to a word document so you can cut & paste that answer when the question is asked again by another girl, And to make it even easier for you. Here is The e Dating Doc Quick-Response Blueprint for e Harmony with the top questions women ask and example answers.

You can use the examples as a guide but Remember to be balanced!

Advanced Tip: Have a conversation within the quick-question response area to build more of a connection. Pay attention because these can communicate a lot about you. For example, I’ve seen guys select these breaks: What does this communicate to the girl?

Here’s an example of what I mean: Her interesting response to one of the quick-questions: So when she sends me her quick questions, I made one response into a mini conversation by mentioning what she just wrote. The next step in the guided communication is the Makes or Breaks. That you’ve probably been cheated on, you have trust issues because you were cheated on, there was probably a reason you were cheated on and she doesn’t want to waste her time finding out why you were cheated on….

Ok, Let’s get started with the e Harmony specific details: There are a few ways to make contact on e Harmony but you’ll only use two of them. When to use the e Harmony guided communication quick questions: Start with the quick questions if the girl is somewhat close to your “league”. When to skip & go straight to e H Mail: Go straight to e H Mail contact option if she is a way outside of your “league” or you are REALLY interested in her.

” In person, you may be a 8 or 9 but if you haven’t been through the e Dating Doc Academy then your “online number” is probably much lower.

As you can see, some of my answers are playful while others are straight forward. If you’re too playful your results will tank because she’ll think you’re childish.

If you’re too serious, you’re results will tank because she’ll think you take life too seriously and can’t have fun!

Wir freuen uns schon darauf, Sie im Anschluss mit einem spannenden Veranstaltungsprogramm und inspirierenden Ausstellungen international renommierter (Innen-)Architekten und relevanter Themen begrüßen zu dürfen.

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