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He points to the rise of a group calling itself The Awakening, or Uamsho in the islands' native Swahili.

A religious charity which historically confined itself to propagating Islam but has recently entered the political realm with its own brand of faith-based populism.

It has left many Zanzibaris feeling that Uamsho "speaks for them", he says.

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Little of this rich, turbulent history sits comfortably with Zanzibar's modern fame as a tropical tourist destination with a spiced history of cloves and slaves.

Beyond the glamorously dilapidated streets of Stone Town and sun loungers of the beachfront hotels more than one-third of the population lives in grinding poverty.

Sweating in the heat and humidity, they have cemented row after row of concrete blocks to a height of some 10 feet.

In May this year a violent mob stormed this compound and burned the 500-seater church inside.

It is a private, intimate getaway beach retreat with only nine spacious villas.

With breathtaking unrivalled views of the Indian Ocean stretching as far as the eye can see.

Heroin addiction has been rising slowly since the 1980s and has now reached epidemic proportions.

The popular scapegoat for all the islands' ills has been a half-century of union with the mainland, which is blamed for both the economic doldrums and the perceived creeping moral decay."Uamsho says that in the name of the union many corrupt things have been brought from the mainland," says Mr Maalim, who lists prostitution, drugs theft and alcohol.

With its population of one million people split between the two main islands of Unguja and Pemba, Zanzibar is no stranger to political violence.

Shortly after independence from Britain in 1963 the black African islanders, many of them descendants of slaves traded through the archipelago, overthrew the Arab Sultan of Zanzibar.

A year later its new leaders declared union with mainland Tanganyika – creating Tanzania.

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