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They take down their profiles after six months because they’re embarrassed that the men they’ve dated can see they’re still single, or because a coworker might see their ad, or they just get tired of all the emails and first dates that don’t go anywhere.

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We are telling those women to pull back and use a little restraint so that guys who were initially interested in them will be forced to ask them out because they can’t get everything they need to know about someone electronically (i.e., via endless status updates).

Given this new dating landscape, what “Rules” have been amended or added in this most recent version of your book?

Sherrie: Let men initially travel to you; don’t split the check; and finally, don’t talk too much in the first few weeks of dating. It’s because men and women are biologically different from each other.

Men love a challenge, and they like women who are busy having a life of their own and who don’t make everything about them in the early stages of dating.

Guys have occasionally complained to us that they asked women out by Wednesday for a Saturday date and still got turned down, and then they blamed for these women being impossible for them to get.

We’ve nicely explained to these men that if you ask a woman out in advance and she still says “no,” she is not doing something she that learned from reading to get!

A man might joke with a Rules Girl online by saying, “Hi there, lady of very few words.” He’ll end up wanting to know more about her instead of being bored to tears and dreading her emails, texts and calls.

If you don’t want to overwhelm, suffocate or turn off the men you’re interested in, keep your online profiles, emails, texts and other forms of contact light and breezy.

Some critics say that your advice is old-fashioned and disempowering to women. Sherrie: Our clients and readers are doctors, lawyers, CEOs and MBAs, but they are losing their “specialness” by being too transparent online.

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